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Barndiva LLC

daily wine to your doorstep... or monthly

we know that wine tasting can get esoteric.
lots of swirling and chewing,
holding wine legs up to the light.
what does leather smell like?
can one really taste terroir?

we think wine is about more than developing a professional palate.
it’s the story of weather, timing, talent,
providence, and bloody hard work.

but most of all,
for the benefit of your pleasure,
wine is personal.

they say that smell is the strongest sense we have tied to memory.
we say engage your inner dog,
get your nose down in there.
you may just catch a trace of something
you really want to follow.

that's why SommTable exists. to challenge the sensory quo. find what feels good in the glass. what's yummy. 

join us on this journey either daily, or monthly. whatever suits you best.

we can text you daily with screaming wine deals. you text us back the number of bottles you want. we send it to you.


monthly we send you 3 bottles.they range in region & style. wine country locals, our global neighbors. vino that's delicious. wine we're drinking. discoveries you'll delight in. sustainable in practice.

You know you want to

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